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Free Open Source Research Community 
For many years free/open source software has been building momentum. Beginning amidst the technical cultures that produced the Internet and World Wide Web, it is now causing quite a stir in the commercial world as large software corporations are finding themselves competing against commercially available open source software. This new demand for free and open source software has piqued interest among scholars in disciplines ranging from sociology to economics to social psychology, and has raised questions in fields of application ranging from innovation processes to strategic management. This portal contains is dedicated to create a community of information exchange that will lead to a greater understanding of open source and it's applications.


Eindhoven Centre of Innovation Studies (E.C.I.S.) 
Ecis is a research institute located at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (the Netherlands). A social sciences perspective on innovation and technology is the focusing device of the Ecis research programme. 

Competence centre for Open Innovation, St. Gallen, Switserland
Recently, the institute of Technology Management of the university of St. Gallen has established a new competence centre regarding open innovation related research.

Lappeenrannan teknillisen yliopiston Tuotantotalouden osasto
LTY:ssa toimii teknologiajohtamisen tutkimusryhmä, joka on keskittynyt innovaatioiden, päätöksenteon ja tietojohtamisen rajapintoihin.

Tampereen yliopiston hypermedialaboratorioHypermedialaboratorio on keskittynyt verkkoyhteisöjen ja tietojärjestelmien tutkimukseen, erityisalueenaan internet-pohjaiset innovaatiomarkkinapaikat.

Teknillisen korkeakoulun Yritysstrategian yksikkö. Yritysstrategian yksikkö tutkii yritysten kansainvälistä kilpailukykyä, strategioita ja innovaatioiden johtamista.


Philips Corporate Venturing 
Philips Corporate Venturing (PCV) is the venture capital arm of Philips Electronics. A separate unit within the Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions group, PCV started in 1998 in Silicon Valley as a "radar" for new technologies and partnership opportunities for Philips businesses. 

Siemens Corporate Venturing 
SVC's goal is to identify and fund investments in emerging and innovative technologies that will enhance the core business scope of Siemens, particularly in information and communications, medical solutions, automation and control, power, automotive technology and transportation systems, and lighting.

Nokia Ventures Organization 
Nokia Ventures Organization toimii uusien liiketoimintaideoiden hautomona ja kehittää ideoista kannattavaa liiketoimintaa.

IBM Venture Capital 
Dedicated to venture capital firms and the portfolio companies they fund, this portal demonstrates IBM's commitment to the venture capital community and investment in innovation. 

The traditional approach to innovation tends to produce proprietary technologies and products that are often hard to migrate from as a customer. Dell has a more open and effective approach to R&D.

Teknologian välittäjä- ja asiantuntijaorganisaatioita

Big Idea Group
Big Idea Group brings together creative inventors and innovation-driven companies. For inventors, we offer no-cost services to help refine and present ideas to the best-matched licensing companies. For corporations, we offer a variety of programs to identify and acquire innovations.

Fellowforce aims to open up organizations for outside-in participation from experts, consumers, and other interested parties to generate powerful new options through this collaboration.

InnoCentive® is an exciting web-based community matching top scientists to relevant R&D challenges facing leading companies from around the globe. We provide a powerful online forum enabling major companies to reward scientific innovation through financial incentives.

The InnovationXchange (IXC) is a commercially neutral, not-for-profit, global knowledge network which delivers the ground breaking IXC Intermediary Service to business and research - a new way to find the connections you need.

Ocean Tomo
Ocean Tomo was established in 2003.  Ocean Tomo specializes in understanding and leveraging intellectual property assets and provides advice in IP-related mergers and acquisitions, valuations, expert services, analytics and IP auctions.'s mission is to help you identify and capture the full value of your intellectual assets. Founded in 1999, is focused on bringing buyers and sellers of technologies together so that all parties maximize the return on their investments. Whether you are working with a team of our licensing experts or using our virtual technology marketplace, offers companies and individuals the tools and expertise to acquire, sell, license, and leverage some of the world's most valuable intellectual assets. 

Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm

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